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February 05 2013


Property Management Software Programs: An Easy Way to Online Rental Business System

Gone are the days when the landlord had to travel from his place of stay to collect the monthly amount for rents. With the introduction of property management software programs the landlord can now manage the accounts of rents properly without traveling. This system has been a huge benefit for landlords who are serious about running their businesses in a smooth and systematic manner. The costs and energy spent on traveling are saved as this software supports remote transactions as well.

The online property management software programs/system keeps the landlords informed of the rent amounts to be paid. They can also check out which tenant is yet to pay the rent by tracking the payment history online. This software program helps the tenants as well. They can keep a track of their personal accounts through the community website that is designed by the software. If the landlord discovers that one of his tenants has not paid the rent he can send little e-mail notifications or reminders regarding the same with the help of this property management software. The tenants on the other hand can make necessary changes from time to time if he comes across any kind of information that needs to be updated. Just like his landlord he can also check the own online payment history section. Asides from these features the software allows quick upgradation of important information with the help of its real time reporting feature.

This software also saves the energy and time of travel of the tenant who can avail facilities like electronic checks or credit cards. A fixed amount, i.e, the monthly rent in this case can be transferred automatically to the landlord’s account on a particular date every month if the tenant chooses to avail the services of the auto debit facility. You can find this kind of property management software online. Consult a number of websites offering these services and then decide which one to settle for.

It must be mentioned here that one website which offers you immensely satisfying services in rental business software is http://www.commodityrentals.com. Its team of efficient SEO experts, Software Developers and designers is involved in round the clock monitoring of the site to guarantee error free and best possible services for its clients.

January 02 2013


Rental Management Solutions - A Solution You Have Been Waiting For

The rental business has been flourishing over the internet in recent times. With a lot of enthusiastic entrepreneurs coming for venturing and investing in the online rental business the scenario is changing rapidly giving way to a new kind of online business. The rental management business is quite an interesting thing for new entrepreneurs. If you are willing to rent out some of your stuffs that you are not using or discarded then you can put them up for hire over the internet. You will be amazed to know that lot of people are actually looking to hire your stuffs. This is a great way of earning profits too. You may also do the business on a professional perspective.

The rental management business requires a rent management system in order to operate online. This is the only software that can help you to manage the hiring, bookings that are done over the internet. It also takes care of the accounts of the business and helps in various administrative managements too. The rental management systems can be used for various kinds of businesses online. This software is being designed in such a way that the entrepreneurs can have the scope to change and customize it as per the requirement of their business.     

The rental management solutions can be used for vehicle rental business or equipment rental business and different other as well. It is software that offers comprehensive solutions for different kinds of rental business management online. 

If you are thinking of staring up your own rental business online then you will need a rental management software to operate the business. These rental management softwares are available on various online stores. There are different kinds of rental management software solution available from which you would need to choose the most suitable one for your rental management business. While checking out the various websites for the right software you may also take a look at the website http://www.commodityrentals.com. This website will provide with all the information you need to know about the software. You may also buy the software from here.  

December 11 2012


Commercial Property Management Software Program and the Reasons for Its Necessity

Property management requires an efficient management system in order to run it smoothly.  It takes a lot of decision making, management of finances, plans and other things to make it a profitable venture. Property management business is done online nowadays and thus they have a website from which they operate the business. However to run the website the entrepreneurs need a Property Management Software Program. This software acts as a comprehensive solution of the property management business. If you are thinking of starting up your own property management business over the internet then a software would come in quite handy.    

A good Property Rental Management software makes it possible for the entrepreneurs to have their finances and funds properly accounted. With all the deals done on the properties, the funds are accounted on the software that stores all the details of the finances and funds. The software for the property management also stores details of all the buyers of properties and their buying details too. Some other features of the online property management software include:

  • Managing the rentals on different terms like monthly, weekly, bi weekly and others
  • Backup for data
  • Making it really affordable for the entrepreneurs
  • Automated reminders for payments, meetings, schedules and others
  • Keeping the accounts updated and tracking expenses

The software can be bought online. However if you are staring up new then you should get all the information about the software before buying it. You must also know the most important features that you would need in that software.

Are you looking for an affordable solution for your property management? Well, if yes, then the best solution in hand can be the property management software that you can buy online. There are various online stores that will provide you with different kinds of property management software. However, you would need to choose the best suited software for your company. So you can take a look at the website www.commodityrentals.com. This website will provide you with all the information regarding a good property rental software program and that is not all. It will also give you an affordable price if you wish to buy the software form them. 

December 06 2012


Rental Management System Solutions - Tips You Need

Online businesses are the newest trend and more and more entrepreneurs are looking forward towards tapping the huge potential of the online market through various online business ventures. Rental business are quite popular over the internet and thus if you are interested to start your own business online you can surely invest into a rental business. Any rental business will require a rental solution in order to function properly. This solution is nothing but the software that enables the rental business website to perform. The software solution for the rental management helps in the management of the business that include areas like administration, finances, accounts, customer maintenance and others.

The rental management solutions are available for different types of rental business. You can choose the one that will help you in running your rental business online. The rental business online has made it easier for the entrepreneurs to have a 24x7 business since the customers can rent or book things at their own convenient time. Thus it is helping the entrepreneurs to get business 24x7. The profitability factor has also increased with the rental businesses going online.   

The rental systems are available for both large and small rental businesses. These softwares come loaded with features and thus you need to find out the right software that has all the features that you require for your business. The rental business over the internet can be restricted geographically since it has to be given back after use. However the software enables the entrepreneur to tap the potential of their local market properly so that they have a good and strong customer base.

If you are thinking of improving your management system by installing rental management software then the best place that will provide you with one is the internet. There are various websites that will be providing you with the latest and best rental management software. But you can visit the website http://www.commodityrentals.com which is among the top websites that provides you with the rental management software that is affordable and effective. You will get all the information regarding the software from this website. 

November 21 2012


Easiest Way to Learn Rental Property Management Software

  Do you have a rental property company? Well, then you would need a management system that would allow you to manage all your rental property management requirements. For any business or rental property it is not possible to management everything manually and that is why they incorporate some software solution system that can automate the process and make to faster and smarter. The software solution for a rental management enterprise provides a comprehensive benefit and thus the entrepreneurs rely more in the ability of the software nowadays rather than human effort. 

The Property Management Softwareenables the entrepreneurs as well as the staffs to manage their tenants. The software can put up reminders of the payments for the tenants and payment collection for the management. It keeps a tab of all the payments received and manages the accounts of the rental property company.  

The Property Rental Softwareprogramsare operated online through a website. The property rental company has their website through which the tenant and the rental company can interact and they can also pay their rent online. The online rental property software helps the website to function properly and provide the users with the facilities of managing their rental business. The website has forums for the tenants where they can cite a complaint or their grievances so that the management can take proper measures to rectify them for better management.

If you are looking for the best and affordable rental properties management software then you would need to search for it over the internet. There are a lot of online stores that sells rental management software. However not all software is as good as it claims. Thus you need to choose the right software that has all the features and help you in your rental property business. While you are searching you may also visit the website http://www.commodityrentals.com. This website provides you with the most affordable and best software in the market but also give you all the information about the software and how you can use it to its optimum level in order to benefit your business.  

November 06 2012


The help of property management software programs you can easily manage all your properties online

The word successfully only comes with property management company when you make it a business, even if it’s your secondary income source. Any property management comes with a lot of paperwork, tracking and also billing all the records. Thus you need property rental software to help you. It automates all the tasks and thus helps you in making your work simple and easy. You can thus easily track properties, vendors and tenants. 

Manage your property accounts

Many people are in search of Online Rental Property Management Software and for all of them rental management software is the key. It combines all the property and person management accounts. You can easily track your properties instantly with this rent management software.  It also shows that which tenants have paid their rent. Thus it makes your job quiet simple. With the help of this software, you can easily track the expense for each property and can also compare all the profits and loss. Inputs and output of all your accounts can also be checked like the bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts and Paypal accounts. 

Division of data

With the help of rental systems your data can be easily divided. You can divide all your information into subcategory like tenants, vendors and also properties. With the help of the rental system, you can easily create a file for each person or property and also store all the lease agreements, past invoices, contact details and notes. You can also send invoice mail to your clients and even create a payment history. This tab also helps you to create profit and loss for each property. 

Manage property online 

With the help of property management software programs you can easily manage all your properties online. This software automatically builds invoice and other things required for the tenants. There are many features within that help the user to create invoice. There are many other features as well like posting of late fees automatically, receiving notices etc.  With the help of the software, the user can also create profile for tenants and thus can easily track them. Generation of all the online application for tenants can also be done with the help of property rental software. 

There is also accounting feature that help the user to accept online payments from their tenants and also transfer them automatically to the vendor. Thus one does not have to worry about the checks. The user can also enter the bill payments manually with the help of the rental management software. In this software, there are marketing features, wherein you can directly track the vacancy and post the rental adds easily. If you want to know more please visit website http://www.commodityrentals.com/. With all these software in hands, you don’t need rental manager. You can easily manage all the works. Having software would surely change your life, get one and improve your property business.

October 10 2012


Benefits of residential property management software

Property management is a great business provided you have the right management tools to operate it. The latest technological advances have resulted into the introduction of software solutions for managing residential property businesses. The residential property management software is the best tool that will help you operate your business smoothly and hassle free. This software works online and thus you can attach this software with your business website and it will work. The software has database management system and thus it can store, modify and retrieve data whenever required.

This online rental property management software provides you comprehensive benefits like managing each and every residential property and its rents and maintenance  It also can generate bills for each tenant and provide payment reminder to them through mails or forums. The software lists the properties that require maintenance. It can maintain the accounts of the payment that has been received. Thus the entrepreneurs get full fledged account statements and can also print them.

These software for the property management are available for both small and big enterprises. Whether it is residential software or commercial property management software you can choose according to your requirement and buy them online. The software for the residential management is used extensively by the Realtor and property managers all over the world. It is fast and accurate and thus the entrepreneurs find it very easy to use. The property management software for the residences can manage forums where the tenants can discuss or complain about certain services. Through the help of the website the software can carry out threads of discussion in forums and enable both the owners and the tenants to interact. This has proved to be very helpful for both the parties.

If you are looking for good and reliable residential property management software then it would be a good idea to check out the website http://www.commodityrentals.com. This website will provide you with the information about the software and also give you the tips on how to use it to for your benefit. You will also be able to buy the software from this website.

September 20 2012


What are the benefits of the property management system?

In the past when internet was not there and communications were only depended on a very few medium being a property manager was a difficult job indeed. The job responsibilities of a property manager involved a lot of travelling if he has to look after various properties that are separated by hundreds of miles. Right from collecting taxes, rent, maintenance and various other things, the job of a property manager required extensive travelling that made it all the more difficult for one person to manage. However, things have changed drastically in the recent present and internet has paved the way for many businesses that are operated single handedly now and with ease and élan.

With the help of property management software program the property managers are now finding it a lot more easier to deal with all their responsibilities easily. Nowadays all the property management companies are installing property management software in order to boost their business, run the job smoothly and earn more revenues. This property management system software comes with loads of beneficial features that immensely help in running the business of property management. Since the software can be operated online it helps in connecting all the properties together and enables the manager to operate the entire properties single handedly.

This web based property management software enables the property managers to get updates about rents, repairs, tax collections, payments and various other things. It also connects the landlord with the tenants easily through the website. To choose the best online property management software you need to search for it on the internet. There are various softwares available but you need to choose only the one that has the features that you need. You can also use customized solutions for your property management. Customized software will provide you with the flexibility of handling your software in the way you want. Thus the operations become smoother.

f you are willing to learn more about the property management software then you can visit http://www.commodityrentals.com. This website will provide you with detailed information about the softwares available for property management. You can also buy it online.

June 11 2012


Buy A Highly Customized Property Rental System To Streamline Your Renting Business

For managing multiple properties, online property rental software can prove to be an essential tool. By getting a program installed at their offices, real estate managers will find it much easier to manage their business as it will allow them to manage several tasks for numerous locations from one single centralized office. Besides, today’s software programs for managing rental properties could be having features which are much easier to understand. As a result, property managers will find the task of managing multiple properties less daunting and ultimately, enable them to save a lot of time, money as well as energy. But still proper information may be necessary.

CommodityRentals offers its state-of-the-art online property rental system which can be fully customized to meet the exact needs and requirements of contemporary property renting business to provide guaranteed results in terms of increased profitability.

Click here to know more on how software for managing business may help !

It could be important for you to know that effective rental property programs help managers to keep track of vacancies, work orders or incomes being generated through each individual property. Since all the details of every business transaction will get stored in the database, users have the chance to access the information as and when required. And it could also be possible to undertake complex calculations accurately. Even records pertaining to property renting business could be effectively maintained with rental software.

Additionally, online rental property tracking software will help property managers in handling their tasks from just one single location as they will not be required to travel frequently for visiting properties scattered across various locations. Hence, they will be able to save plenty of time everyday which could be used for some other meaningful or profit generating purposes. This is because the software has the capacity to handle innumerable functions at a time and users can even direct staff members by assigning daily tasks every day.

CommodityRentals could provide you an advanced online rental property program at an affordable price. You could buy a tailor-made system which works best for your specific property renting business needs and requirements. In addition, our team of experts, which has engineers, designers, developers, programmers and consultants, has knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the best.

Get a tailor-made rental property tracking software to make your task easier!

May 15 2012


Beneficiary purposes of the Property management software

If anyone is a professional property-owner then they will already be acquainted with few of the advantages which high-quality property management program can bring to them and their business. In nowadays’ competitive property rental industry one really may not afford to linger their competitors plus operate without property-owner software. In actuality the competitors are already utilizing software to administer their property dealings.

All property-owners who desire to continue a gainful portfolio soon understand that they require to get their hands on few proficient software for rental property, and promptly. It is simply not likely to administer a property portfolio devoid of this product. The complicatedness frequently comes while the property-owner starts looking around to discover the accurate software solution.

The accurate software package is able to and will formulate the professional being easier, but does not be coned, since behind its user-friendly listings the tools utilized is tricky plus superior packages are not inexpensive. This is a company cost that one requires to think of as a precious plus long-term investment.

Top of the record has to be user-friendliness. While recently most business public has some knowledge of functioning with the computers few proficient landlords are the computer professionals and the idea of selecting and functioning with an entire new property rental management software package provided by CommodityRentals is an intimidating one. It might sound apparent but is vital that one make the correct selection as taking the wrong decision will squander anyone’s time and money both. It is advised to do research, formulate a list of the business requirements and desires, and examine the independent assessments and not to be scared to search for the advice of the experts whenever or wherever required.

Safety of information is a hot topic lately and one will, certainly, want to ensure that their time and money is not squandered, or the safekeeping compromised, by accumulated information vanishing in front of the individual’s eyes. One must ensure that their property-owner software developer has safety at the top of its list of main concerns and that the property management program one invests in has sufficient back-up conveniences.

April 17 2012


Usefulness of property management software

Property management can be quite trying if you don’t have the right tools to work with. If you have a property management company then you would need the right kind of software solution system that will enable you to have a smooth running. A lot of software development companies are there who offers property management software system for small and large companies. These softwares can be bought over the counter and have a very user friendly interface. One of the most exciting features about the best rental property software is that it is operated online and thus both the property management company and the customers or tenants can access the software for their requirement.

The property rental software works with the website of the property management company. It has a database management system that can store data as well as retrieve it as and when required. It offers a complete web based solution for the tenants who are looking for the rent and other expenses. New customers can also look for availability of property that has been put on rent. They can register their contact information and queries using the software as well. The property management companies can retrieve these data from the software database and also make changes to their rent and tariff charges.

While buying rental property management software you must check out the features that the software is providing. Since a lot of companies make property management software they incorporate various new features within their software. Bigger property management companies use customized software since they have more requirements to handle bigger area of work. Buying property management software may require some kind of research as it would operate online. While it is very easy to design a good website, you have to make sure that you are using reliable software that can function properly and has enough information to help customers and tenants.       

The property management program are quite common these days as much of the property management business has gone online and people find it easier to search for properties online than anywhere else in the world.   

April 05 2012


Usefulness of property management software

People who require using online property management software must have got themselves acquainted with it by now. The whole bunch of benefits that this software offers not only makes the task easy for the users but also saves time considerably. But if you are one of those who is still now thinking about the affordability and advantages of the property management software then you should know that this the best possible solution that you can have for your company. The property management program is beneficial for both parties the include owner and tenants.

This software is basically a property rental system that enables the tenants to have information regarding their rents and taxes and the owners to manage each and every tenants and their payments well. This software has a lot of beneficial features that helps the tenants as well as the property owners. Since the software is operated online, it also gives both parties, flexibility in operation. The software can be operated from the property owner’s website. While the tenants visit the website to find some information he or she can use the software in order to calculate their monthly rents and also join the forum where all the tenants meet up for conversation.          

This amazing rental property management software is required for managing apartments, duplexes, complexes, residential houses and even vacation homes. Thus it has a wide range of customer who needs this software in order to manage property and its activities. These softwares are normally found in two different versions. One of them is property manager edition and the other is associated edition. These two editions have different usage and thus it is requested that while buying this property software one should pick the right that will do the needful for them.   

This rental property tracking software helps in the activities like budgeting, ledger accounting, secure online payments, access of property owners, tenants as well as board members. Some of the important features include:

  • Tenant history
  • Lease renewal
  • Statement of deposit
  • Regular statements
  • Track status for maintenance
  • Move in or out schedules

March 30 2012


Focus mainly facilities offered by a property management software

Owners who have several rental units face quite a lot of difficulties in managing them smoothly. While they want each and every aspect of their businesses to operate easily and without many difficulties they require proper support that will enable them to grow their business as well. Nowadays every property rental companies use property management software that enables them to manage their properties and rentals efficiently and effectively. This property management software not only offers a comprehensive management system, but it also makes it very affordable for the companies. The company does not require a lot of human resources in order to manage their business affairs and depend upon this software for all the requirements regarding administration, rental calculations, generation reports and bills and even marketing and sales.  

The software for rental property helps the property rental company with tenant payments and tracking the dues. Since the users do not require doing anything manually it becomes very fast and error free. The property rental system not only helps the big property rental companies, but it also helps the small companies as well. The software is capable of maintaining huge databases of tenants and also generates reports regarding their requirements, grievances. The software can also provide reports on the maintenance of the rental properties. While calculating the rents of the tenants the software analyzes all the details and creates reports and invoices.

The property management program should be customized but a lot of software solution companies make rental software packages for small or medium sized property rental companies. The property rental software is operated online from a website. Thus while the tenants check out their rental websites they can get all the information regarding their tenancy. New customers can also check out the properties that are currently on rent and the rent structures provided in the website.

The property rental system collects information of the visitors and also stores information about the visitors who have booked a property or have shown interest regarding a property on rent. The property rental owners can access this information and use their marketing strategies to get more clients.

March 19 2012


Importance of Property Management Software

With the latest and advanced innovations in the technology, property management software is becoming an essential and very importance tool for the real estate business. People are finding it very easy to work with this software because it is able to track the property requirements with accurate records and help the people to find good deals. Managing the rental property is not a children play. It is not as easy as it sounds like to find the property that comes up to one requirement. This property rental management requires a lot of paper work and takes a lot of time to get the best deal and perfect information. But now with the help of property management program it is no more the matter of worry, there are many property rental management software which provide easy access to the required information.

Property rental system is designed to provide help to the people in managing and tracking the rental property related work. People might think about what the rental property management software are all about? All what they need to know is that these  automated property management programs are such programs that provide assistance in managing  multiple rental properties, they help in tracking the tenants, they also provide managing facilities in financial issues and keep the updated records of property maintenance as well.

This property management software’s are designed for the people who are engaged in the business of the rental property management or any landlord. With the help of such advanced and incorporated rental property program one can save a lot.

Some advantages of this software system are that with the help of these software’s proper and full information about the property can be acquired. Online payments can be received by the landlord conveniently in no time. With the help of versatile and multi-purpose rental property program, not only the residential but commercial properties can also be managed.  Vacancies, maintenance expenses, operating charges, parking fees, tax charges, legal fees, premiums of insurance, late fees imposed on tenants can e tracked down easily. Thus, residential property management software makes the residential rental property management easy as well as efficient.

March 14 2012


Property Management Software and its uses

Like every other businesses that has opted for software solutions the property management business has now been operating mostly on software. The property management software has also been growing in leaps and bounds as the business of property is also rising. The property management software solutions not only help the owners to manage their properties well, but also let the tenants or customers to have a clear view about their rentals calculations every month. The rental property management software has been designed to serve small property owners and firms as well as their tenants. Since these software offers a good flexibility it can be easily installed in a PC or any other computing devices. The software is web based and thus one can access it from any location at any given time.    

The property management software has an array of features that comes in quite handy for both the owners and the tenants. Since the software is web based the users can visit the respective website and access data from the software. It has a database system that stores in data from the users at both ends. While you are searching for a reliable and stable property rental system you should understand the basic functionalities of the system. A lot of software development companies nowadays offer property rental management solution. For bigger firms they also provide customized solution. While choosing property management software one must see all the benefits that it provides the users.    

The property rental management software provides all the information regarding the property and its tenancy. The users may also print reports and bills if required. While visiting the website of the property management firm, a new customer can view all the properties listed and also see the rent and other charges that has been levied on each property. The user can also send enquiries and contact information to the firm via this software. Thus it makes the work easier for both the parties. The users will get alerts for payments of rents and other charges too. The owner may not have to worry about alerting his tenants about due payments.

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